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(that’s what people hang on to)

There are a lot of jingle companies around and just about anybody with a piano or guitar can sing the name of your business. However, a truly successful advertising jingle begins with big idea. What makes a Red Hot Jingle different is the way we approach the process. We specialize in “hooking” your audience with tunes and lyrics that are custom-created for maximum impact around your core marketing message.

We not only look for and create a catchy melody, we strive to create the most memorable hooks money can buy. A hook is that phrase or set of keywords that make people’s ears perk up. In the world of advertising, it’s what we call “selling the sizzle versus the steak.” It’s what your advertising campaign hangs it’s hat on.

We owe it to you to build a commercial jingle with a great hook. So we will be busy digging into your product or service to uncover or discover that special ingredient or USP (unique selling proposition) that separates you from the pack. Then, we’ll spice it up and serve it in a way people won’t forget.

In conclusion

We pride ourselves in taking your business to the next level and devote our skills and years of knowledge to make your legacy something profound to be sung, hummed and whistled to remember for generations to come. We have an on-call eclectic mix of musicians and singers and studio session players to accommodate your dreams and vision to build your empire.

Video created by Black Raven Films Music by Cali Tucker, Ryan Whyte Maloney and Dog N Pony Show

A commercial Jingle written and performed by Trunorth Recording Studio.