by Ryan Whyte Maloney

I love making MUSIC I write for myself and the ones who have no voice, my style is fluid and I am inspired by Truth, Freedom, beauty and most of all LOVE.


I  had the very rewarding privilege to record in Hollywood California under Universal Music Group and Record songs for The Voice at Jim Hensen Studios it was a former recognized moment of validation that I was being taken serious for once.

2013 "where I've been" a 12 song album produced by Sean O'Dwyer in Las Vegas with such names behind the production of albums from (Black Crowes, Roger Waters ,Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Emerson Drive, Blink 182, Sum 41 and Phoenix TX.

"Where I've been" struck a deal with Touch Tunes and is now available on over 160 locations worldwide and on iTunes and Amazon.


I recorded Freight Train with Brad Hagen.2005


Tomorrow's Another Day was recorded in  at Frontier Studios in copemish MI with Scott Zylstra with my band INDULGE it was started in 2001 and completed in full 2005 it costed an estimated 17k and I can say that Garbage paid it off!