"Always" Bon Jovi Cover

'ALWAYS' cover song performed arrangement by Season 6 The Voice, Ryan Whyte Maloney. Click HERE to buy it now!

Guitars: Cody Bergstrom

Bass: Jimmy Repp

Drums:Shaun Flannery

Produced by Ryan Whyte Maloney At TruNorth Recording Studio

Original song by Bon Jovi. This song is licensed to TruNorth Entertainment LLC.

"I can't wait till I'm 21"

This video is a song by Ryan Whyte Maloney ft Nick Oshiro from Static X & Seether. (#1 Online Session Drummer)

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What happens when you take Ariel and Beast from Disney and mix it with Ryan Whyte Maloney & Linda Biamonte? A year in the making is this culmination of Heavy & sweet sounds making "Burn".

Produced by Ryan Whyte Maloney

Written by Linda Biamonte

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Book the ryan whyte maloney trio

The Ryan Whyte Maloney Trio is available for corporate events, private parties, weddings and lounges. Book your next event Starring Ryan Whyte Maloney from Season 6 of NBC’s TV show, The Voice. From country to R&B to Rush, all the way to Metallica, the Ryan Whyte Maloney Trio can accommodate every style of event from formal occasions to backyard parties with their eclectic genre knowledge and wide vocal range.


Here is a sneak peek of Ryan Whyte Maloney in action performing solo acoustic at The Indigo Lounge at Bally's Casino

"Bleeding The Dream"

An original dedicated to the War Heroes of WW2, WW1 and all of the Veterans who risk not only their lives, but their minds and bodies to defend Freedom and the pursuit of happiness as humans! This song has real WW2 planes and battle sounds.

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"Michigan Moonlight"

Cherry Festival 2014

This video and song was a vision to showcase the beautiful city of Traverse City, Michigan. This is where I grew up and where I learned to appreciate the splendor and beauty of Michigan. I spent my youth going to the Northwest Michigan Fair and Cherry Festival and this was a collective vision to portray the majestic of simple, Pure Michigan.

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From the album Where I've Been, The Ryan Whyte Maloney Band presents the Official Video of the single, Hillbilly.

Director: Nestor Ruesga

"Living with no directions"

The single, Living With No Directions from the album Where I've Been

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"Where I've Been"

This video was an ode to my family. I ran across some old VHS tapes I watched as a youngster and wanted to surprise my mom. In the video it features my mother from 1963-1965 with my Aunt, Uncle Lee, Grandma K (RIP), Great Grandpa, Dixie and Bob Babel, and Grandma Swanson in Traverse City, MI! The white horse in the intro is the actual stunt double horse from the Lone Ranger, and from 'Tom's Ranch' in California.

up north live feature

Up North Live feature on my journey to Los Angeles to audition for NBC’s TV show, The Voice.

ryan whyte maloney trio

Preview a performance from The Ryan Whyte Maloney Trio! 


The Ryan Whyte Maloney Band opening for Diamond Rio at the Henderson Pavilion performing an original song, Michigan Moonlight.

"Us against the world"

I do not own any Pearl Harbor rights. This is a mere example of my song inspiration.

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Any artist that is true writes songs based on emotional expression and not dollar signs. All love songs come from the heart, even the cheesiest of cheese. When it comes to music the 80's definitely influence our songwriting.

behind the scenes of "michigan moonlight"

The Ryan Whyte Maloney Band recorded Michigan Moonlight in the beautiful Las Vegas Recording Studio, ODDS ON RECORDING STUDIO with Producer and head Engineer Sean O' Dwyer. Watch Kasey Cox lay down some tasty drum beats!

Written by Ryan Whyte Maloney

Copyright 2011

"Make history remember you" acoustic demo

I wrote this song for a friend back in 2008, a dear friend who has taught me so many things. Talented, yet self-destructive with alcohol and didn't realize how badly he was hurting everyone around him. One night he told me he was thinking about suicide and at the time I was listening to country and Anberlin. The combination must have triggered a mix and struck a chord in my brain. I rewrote this song three years later and used the reference to, "isn't it about time to put the past away" for another friend.


"Freight train"

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indulge "tomorrows another day" live

Live in Hollywood, CA Feb 2007

indulge "e is for empty" live

INDULGE Live @ The Hardrock Hotel Las Vegas

indulge "pardon me, but didn't you just add me on myspace?" live

INDULGE Live @ The Rainbow Las Vegas


2004 at The State Hospital

Traverse City, Michigan

"change of plans"

I wrote this as a letter to my parents when I was a teen. I was a troubled youth with drug use and I lived in my car for a period in my life. Sleeping in the wintertime through the holidays, never telling my parents and calling them, telling them that everything was fine. It is a moment in time, captured in song form to let my parents know that all along, after living these experiences, I finally get what they were protecting me from in life. But I was a very stubborn kid and had to learn life's lessons the hard way.


indulge "the hour glass" live


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