“Behind the Voice”

I was born in Anaheim CA and was raised in Traverse City Michigan.

I loved music ever since I was in the womb and was in love with Michael Jackson and listened to your usual 80’s music at the time Rock, Metal, Country Infused with Pop and R&B.

My mother was such an inspiration for me to proceed in my own musical interest’s. She had an 80’s hair metal group “white heaven” and I would be so exited to watch. 

I remember sitting behind the drummer Daryl and emulating his moves to the music. When I was little I would wake up at the crack of dawn and set up toy boxes and set the radio out on my window and annoy my neighbors by playing with drumsticks. 

I loved Bon Jovi and Def Leppard and Van Halen. I had a look alike Eddie van Halen guitar and would entertain my mom’s friends by running around and playing to the music. 

I received my first guitar when I was 9 and from then It was on. 

A year later I was teaching my mom’s bandmates songs I had a knack of being able to play by ear I followed with violin, cello, percussion & keyboard.

I remember being a childlike producer and dissecting the music parts into individual pieces and breaking down the specifics.



My childhood is a series of incidences that make me who I am and I will tell that chapter later in life.

Most BIOS of people you read are about the perfection of a persons life but this world has too much candy coated ideals and presentations. Why would I want you to believe in my perfect life and make you relate to it, with everything in the world making you believe in a man made reality I think everyone deserves honesty even if it’s not perfection or beautiful even a Disney movie has it’s dramatic bridge that’s suspenseful to get to the greener side. To gain knowledge and teach and be a better person you must endure the imperfections and suffer to know what happiness is. If you have everything than what more can you want. It’s when you lose everything in your life and get stripped down to the bare essentials and bone, you realize what’s left. Most people never see that in the world and it is a blessing and a curse to know both parallels. I have started over from scratch and have lived in my car and ate at shelters with the homeless and have dealt with drug addiction, wasting my nights drinking a gallon of vodka to trying every substance I could put up my nose, I was never raised with a silver spoon not did I have the money advantages of some kids living in their parents casita given a Taylor guitar for Xmas.

I am 33 now with a boy and a girl and am now a dad, I am no one to say do or don’t do these things cause in the end you are the only one who gets you through this life however I could preach all day but you have to love yourself before you love anyone else. Down the road is when you see hindsight is 20/20 then you will be wiser and see the others around you and realize you don’t want to be like them anymore and instead of escaping reality you start living it. I was also a smoker for 8 1/2 yrs. but one day I woke up and looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw so I said .Today is the Day I will take my life over and take responsibility for my actions. plus my voice started to diminish. I am not perfect and don’t claim to be, but I can offer an ear and am not afraid of being myself and letting myself to be fully exposed. You cannot live for anyone but you , and when you start you can breathe again and sigh in knowing true freedom and start fresh. A new you…………



I am a serious person yet I definitely have a sense of humor. A balance is important to a personality. I try to live each day spending the fading minutes in this life to my own direction and decision, everyone has their own path, and there are people who let things happen, and their are people who make’s things happen. We as humans sometimes limit ourselves for the acceptance of others. I have never been one to care about if people like or dislike me. I am only me and I would rather die with setting a trademark of originality that outshines and stands with honor than falling into the abyss of ordinary. I write for myself.


Indulge was my band composed of myself, Shawn Mcghee and (Jason Sannis) Joe Alpers, Indulge played the local circuit if Michigan and I busted my butt to get into every barn, patio, radio station venue and played our hearts out to rooms with thousands to minimal and stood tall in the harshest conditions but we recorded a full length album mixing sessions from 2002-2005, I got my CDL and became a garbage man and wrote over 20 songs sitting in my garbage truck and it took over $16,000 to make a physical cd but it was worth it. Indulge finally had a following and we gained huge momentum opening for national acts and then we hit a glass ceiling. The summer of 2006 I risked everything I had and Moved across the country to the east coast to Boston Ma, I busted my ass all alone and flyered the sh@t out of Boston, We played a battle of the bands and won. But something inside of me knew Boston wasn’t the place for Indulge. So I moved with the rest of the members and headed west to Las vegas!


Las Vegas (The Beginning)

A lot of people saw a new band come to Vegas in 2006 What they don’t know is that we came to Vegas in a beat up tour van with $30 DOLLARS TO OUR NAME AND MOVED TO NORTHEAST LAS VEGAS and was basically living Like vagabonds in a hotel room with a couch and a bed. We were so scared we had no guarantee what lied ahead and we only had the drive and passion to dream and make everyday count towards a step to the destination. We moved to S. Las Vegas to a crackhead motel with a broken toilet with urine spilling out of the floor. A room with no lock on the front door. I can recall new years eve trying to sleep with gunshots going off and a door with no lock! I said to myself ” there has got to be a reason for this hell right now” Luckily throughout all of the ghetto madness I kept booking non stop shows was hired for Republic Waste as once again a garbage man and we played our asses off in town on the local circuit and we tried to prove ourselves to be a noticeably achieved band who demanded attention and with the belief of myself and the holy spirit guiding me I prayed each day and slowly doors opened to a new house. We went through so much as a band opening for bands like Otherwise, Imagine Dragons, The Dreaming and more and circulated Hollywoods famous whiskey a gogo etc and had a great run unfortunately our bassist from Mi-Vegas Joe Alpers left and so did Sean Devincent which was the best thing ever to happen but unfortunately my best friend of years committed suicide in 2012 . We ended up finding Hawk Denno a great friend and drummer and Devin Petite Bassist and Sam which made up the members of INDULGE.


(The New road)

Indulge dis banded in Nov 2009 but The music of Indulge still remains. 2009 was a tough year for me along with toughing it out with the economy and a new baby I had my aunt die, Uncle who committed Suicide and My Grandmother Past after coming to Vegas to spread my uncles ashes and 20 minutes later she had a seizure and was admitted into the ER and after some tests she was diagnosed with 3 months to live with cancer and a Brain tumor and 3 short months later I sat next to her bed and sang to her as she passed and that was the breaking of my heart. But I forged on and decided i was gonna push my own music and story and started digging deeper and began writing alternative country music.

2010 after writing over 30 country infused songs I hooked up with Sean O’Dwyer and I recorded a full length album at Odds On Studios this album was a big deal to me and I wanted to show the world a different side of me dynamically and texturally.

I stopped listening to all top 40 rock radio and continued to listen to country, it still held values and topics that made me feel alive and that I am a part of a country that holds a caliber of tradition and beliefs that were the only thing I believe fuels the working class and gives the listeners something to believe in like “the american dream”.

To be accepted in the country world took years of proving myself worthy I hit countless roadblocks of judgment on my looks and my past, had people tell me I’d never make a difference into the mainstream or be heard but I ignored and kept on trailblazing a different path, I am proud to be the artist that I stand today who offers my god given voice as a hand, all I ever wanted was to be heard and I continue to do so until I die.

in 2013I went to California after a series of emails and calls from NBC. I went on the voice and it was a wild experience that I teasure and never take for granted. I always tell people go ahead and figure out the amount in decimal form it would take ($) to spend 20 minutes on national television its over millions so those naysayers that are too cool for TV are either afraid of moving any other direction than neutral or they are so cool that they want to stay in the same spot inline and hold their pride prisoner.I am proud of who and what I do for a living, I spent 33 years scraping the bottom of the barrel of life making and breaking excuses to the current of convenience. I have lived with bulimia and suicidal thoughts and I take account for my action and decisions to change to a better self reflection. I have two beautiful children and I work tirelessly for my FAMILY & Dream.

I Have many great attributes to offer the world.You have to take great risk’s and I have always had faith in myself. I have lived already experiences of many but throughout my trials and tribulations have gained the knowledge to teach from my mistakes and lives knowledge to help. Sometimes we harbor the things that have happened and hang on and day to day we never forget making us hostile and bitter or scared to change or unchange, we can use these experiences to grow as people and if you take one second in your life away the person you are now wouldn’t be the person you are today. You are not alone in this dark time of questioning everyday why we are here on earth without a choice or an answer. All we can do is try everyday to spend 24 hours and explore our hearts and minds and indulge in life’s miracles.” Growth brings change. unpredictable change brings hesitancy to optimism, it is essential that we cope of the realities of the future with a pure and chosen hope. not a blind faith but a strengthened choice. Then we can have the fortitude necessary to integrate lives many lessons that collect beyond points in time” live and love and make history remember you, You can be anything so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.make things happen and don’t let life pass you by and hear yourself say( Could’ve Should’ve or Would’ve ever)

Just because your story’s beginning isn’t perfection it doesn’t Define the blank pages to proceed, life is a gift so write a masterpiece -Ryan Whyte Maloney.

One day I went out and the next day after a couple shots i woke up with a tatoo and a video of me the night before singing def leppard!

Here’s a list of some of my biggest musical influences..
Def Leppard
The Cure
Depeche mode
Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumkins)
Silverchair (Daniel Johns)
Allison Krause & union station
Rascal Flatts
Dierks Bentley
Blake Shelton
The sisters of mercy
Story of the year
George straight
Alan Jackson
Michael Jackson
Kenny chesney
Zac brown band
Brad paisley
Keith urban
Jimmy eat world
Faith and the muse
Days of the new
Nickel creek
Montgomery gentry
Phil Collins
The postal service
Travis Tritt
Type O negative
Cradle of filth
Lacuna coil
Led zeppelin
Kenny chesney
Katy perry
Lana Del Ray
Kip Moore
Matt Kennon
Johnny cash
Gretchen Wilson
Randy Houser
Goo Goo Dolls
Nuno Bettencourt
The black crows
Billy Holiday
Brian Setzer
The Police
Craig Morgan
Blink 182
Coheed and Cambria
Tori Amos